David Garden has always been intrigued with photography and has  pursued his passion in a variety of creative ways.  While studying  structural engineering at Northwestern University, David moonlighted  into several film classes which sparked his interest in film making.

In 1990 David moved to Los Angeles to attend the prestigious American  Film Institute (AFI).  While at AFI he earned his Master of Fine Arts  degree and embarked on a career of cinematography but always made  time for his interest in still photography.

David has shot several short films and his experience as a  cinematographer led him to photograph two feature films, "Blue Skies  Are A Lie," and "Almost Salinas."  David’s work on the Tim McGraw and  Faith Hill video, "It’s Your Love," received a Country Music  Association (CMA) nomination for best video of the year.

Over the past several years, David has focused his energy on specializing in panoramic photographic images using an extraordinary high-precision camera.  The German Noblex panoramic camera is  utilized to produce many of the striking images found in David’s work  including those in the Panascape Calendar.  The Noblex uses a “swing  lens” to rotate 146 degrees.  This matches approximately the field of  human vision when one looks normally at an object or scene.  The 2 x 5 inch negative can easily be enlarged (up to 6 feet in length) while still retaining excellent image quality.

David specializes in unique, expressive landscapes. His images combine dramatic composition, vivid contrast, and artistic touches to create new, captivating visions of the natural world.  He strives to create images that link us to feelings and perceptions we may not access regularly in our daily lives from places we might never get the chance to experience.

In his spare time David tends to his extensive orchid collection,  mountain bikes near his home in Santa Monica, CA, and travels the  globe in search of his next picture.

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